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Kuang Heng software call center collection system software solution

this collection system is a complete collection solution based on the call center launched by Kuang Heng software for the post loan collection management of the Internet financial industry, P2P loan system, traditional small loan industry, network investment and financing platform and bank credit card business. It meets the requirements of financial institutions for the supervision of the collection process and ensures that the hardness and safety of the collection business and even the aging (quenching) can not be improved Standardize and coordinate the work of all departments in an orderly manner, so as to maximize the customer's work efficiency and carry out the collection business easily and efficiently

scheme Description:

the customer background system generates the collection data, provides the interface or puts it into the intermediate library. The call center CRM system obtains the

data and generates the collection task

defines the collection SMS template in advance, and generates the collection SMS according to the collection data splicing. After the SMS is sent, the SMS sending result is obtained through the SMS interface

automatic voice collection

the experimental machine usually adopts hydraulic oil automatic external call voice collection. If there is no call, it will call again according to the set time interval

distribute the collection data to the agent for manual external call collection

manual collection process:

collection function description:

collection data management

- collection data import

- collection data layer by layer allocation

- collection data quota allocation

- collection data redistribution

- collection data recovery

collection process management

- operator personal collection data management

- collection process management some manufacturers manage their production costs in order to reduce production costs

- data central monitoring

and post System integration (case information, repayment records)

- interface mode

- manual import

kpi analysis

- report to establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standard table analysis of plastic granulator equipment

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