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The slowdown in the development of door and window enterprises is conducive to rethinking the direction of development.

under the new economic normal, the door and window industry has entered a period of adjustment, and its development speed has also slowed down. Therefore, some people say that it is difficult for the door and window industry now. Is that really the case? Industry insiders believe that the arrival of the adjustment period is in line with the objective law of the development of the industry. The rapid development over the past decade has led to some problems that are easy to be ignored and there is no time to find and solve. Slowing down at an appropriate time can not only deal with the problems left over from the previous development, but also have time and energy to consider things about the future. This may not be a good thing for the structural adjustment and product upgrading of the door and window industry

point of view: slowing down the development speed may be conducive to the structural adjustment and product upgrading of the door and window industry.

slowing down the development speed is conducive to the door and window enterprises to rethink the development direction.

under the situation of slowing down the development speed, the survival problem of green environmental protection in the door and window industry has emerged. The so-called survival problem can only survive if it is properly handled. In recent years, the government has repeatedly stressed to enterprises that the current one vote veto system for environmental protection is implemented. As long as they are not good enough, do not meet the standards, and are reported and found, they will be banned, and there is no room for change. On the one hand, this zero tolerance attitude towards "non environmental protection" is determined by the backward production mode, production equipment and environmental awareness left over from the rapid development of the previous decade or so. On the other hand, thanks to the slowdown in the development rate in the past two years, the government has the opportunity to re rectify the industrial order, and enterprises have the time to rethink their development direction

the development of the door and window industry is facing two pain points: low industry concentration and serious product homogenization.

since entering the adjustment period, some difficulties faced by the development of the door and window industry have become increasingly prominent. These difficulties exist for a long time. In the process of solving them, there are two main pain points

on the one hand, the industry concentration is too low. The most direct reflection of the low industry concentration is that the role of the brand is difficult to fully play. If the leading enterprises in any industry cannot reach a certain market share, the industry is immature and unhealthy. It can neither maintain relative industry stability nor maintain moderate market competition

on the other hand, the homogeneity of products is serious. The higher the degree of product homogeneity, the lower the market competitiveness. Especially in the case of no obvious brand advantage, this pain point is fatal to the long-term life shortening development of the door and window industry. With the arrival of the era of quality consumption, consumer groups are becoming more and more mature, and product demand is becoming more and more personalized. Whether this part of the newly increased personalized demand can finally be transformed into the supply capacity of door and window enterprises, to a large extent, depends on the innovation capacity of enterprises. This is precisely what the door and window enterprises are in short supply at present

one of the reasons for this dilemma is that enterprises fail to fully think from the perspective of consumers and fail to see this pain point; Secondly, under the influence of fixed thinking, enterprises are unable to make up their minds to break the tradition and realize innovation, which is difficult to solve this pain point

three major trends in the home building materials industry: mass habitation, marketing diversification, and product branding

nowadays, the trend of mass habitation is becoming more and more obvious in the whole home building materials industry. More and more brands have led to the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on the issue of universal suffrage for the executive seat of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, which is constitutional, legal, reasonable and fair. They strive to build a large home experience Pavilion, provide consumers with one-stop shopping, and greatly enrich consumers' choices. Such a practice of creating new combinations through resource integration has also been used for reference in the door and window industry. Especially in view of the current situation of large stores and large taxes, it has become an important trend for the development of the door and window industry to make full use of the exhibition hall resources and present a rich and three-dimensional overall effect for consumers

marketing means tend to be diversified. Nowadays, cross-border integration has become a trend, and the marketing means are no longer limited to the traditional path. The previous era of "one way to conquer the world" has passed. Under the background of the new era, only by continuously innovating marketing means and expanding marketing channels can we get consumers' attention in the muddy market environment and generate interest in trying to experience and use new products. For example, the "Internet +" model is the hottest marketing model at present. The best marketing effect can be achieved through the cross-border integration of the Internet industry and traditional industries. Looking at the future development of the door and window industry, it is necessary to take advantage of this "Internet +" Dongfeng, promote the door and window industry from traditional to modern through the publicity of the network platform and the two-line parallel of online and offline transactions

at the same time, more and more attention has been paid to building brand influence. Industry insiders said: "enterprises that did not pay much attention to brand building in the past have basically encountered the dilemma of development. To get rid of this dilemma, we have to rely on brand building. Shandong Sida hi tech received the task of transforming a hydraulic fatigue testing machine for OCS parts from a factory subordinate to Jinan Railway Bureau some time ago." the brand here is not just about the trademark and property rights of products, It is the ability of a product to represent the corporate image. To do a good job in brand building, the most important thing is product quality. Quality is a double-edged sword, which can start a brand or destroy a brand. The second is enterprises. A responsible enterprise can gain the trust of consumers. Finally, consumer awareness. Consumption awareness is the consumption awareness of consumers. Enterprises should purposefully guide consumers to develop healthy consumption habits and cultivate mature and stable consumer groups

if the door and window stores need to adjust, the timing industry is not only a traditional industry with a long history, but also an emerging industry that continues to innovate in the trend of the times. In the process of the continuous development of the door and window industry, there are bound to be various problems. However, as long as we always adhere to the "craftsman spirit" of striving for perfection and pursuing the ultimate, the future development of the door and window industry will be infinitely possible

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