The slewing bearing with adjustable clearance betw

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Slewing ring with adjustable clearance between square and circular bearings won a new patent

slewing ring with adjustable clearance between square and circular bearings won a new patent

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6。 This scientific and technological achievement was achieved by the R & D team composed of Chenwu, Xuxu, hedongsheng, etc

the utility model discloses a slewing bearing with adjustable clearance, which comprises an outer ring, an inner ring, an oil cup, a rolling element, an isolating block, a sealing strip and an adjusting ring. The inner ring is sleeved in the outer ring, a raceway is formed between the inner ring and the outer ring, the rolling element and the isolating block are successively arranged in the raceway, the outer ring and the inner ring are sealed through a sealing strip, the adjusting ring is threaded with the outer ring, and the upper part of the adjusting ring is provided with an adjusting hole. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use, meets the different requirements for clearance of different supporting hosts, meets the requirements for use in different applications, and has strong universality. At the same time, the typical chemical foaming agents in the regulation room include azo compounds (ADCA, azdn), nitroso compounds (nitriso), inorganic compounds (sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate) and diamines (obsh, TSH, BSH), which are convenient for clearance and improve the efficiency

up to now, the company has obtained 52 patents in total, including 10 invention patents and 42 utility models. In addition, 11 patents are still pending. In fact, 4 patents for invention patents and 7 utility models are not directly calculated by software

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