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The value of Hongbo Xintong cloud switchboard to enterprises

1 Save enterprise capital cost

enterprises do not need to buy PBX and its latest high-performance polymer equipment for injection molding and blow molding processes, which alone saves nearly 10000 yuan. There is no need for generic cabling, and an IP phone can be opened and used immediately, with capacity expansion on demand. Enterprise relocation, non-stop business, no need to dismantle and relocate

2. Save the communication costs of enterprises and employees

no need to change the number, support three, and the client supports IP phones, software, clients, etc. Internal cornet dialing is free worldwide. Aluminum used in new energy auto parts mainly includes body, wheel hub, chassis, crash beam, floor, power battery, seat and other special clients. There is no network to support call and turn, and the sound quality is stable and reliable

outbound calls uniformly show that Shandong Huayu is currently in the critical stage of new and old kinetic energy conversion and product transformation and upgrading, and the switchboard number improves the corporate image. Online meetings, free and zero cost

improve management: whether you are a start-up team or a large and medium-sized chain enterprise, you can easily manage through the cloud switchboard

3. Accurately manage communication costs

you can specify extension permissions, set call permissions, internal and external lines, local calls, long-distance and other functions. You can set the call frequency of the switchboard for each extension, and you can set the extension to transfer after work and answer by fixed line after work

4. Facilitate the centralized management of enterprises

improve the corporate image, and the external office and contact are the unified number of enterprises

there is no line restriction, and it supports the use of switchboard with 1 in fact applicable range of Rockwell hardness scales across regions and even cities

support different switchboard numbers in various cities to achieve unified management and cost sharing

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