The vacancy rate of shops fell in the third quarte

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The vacancy rate of shops fell in the third quarter, and e-commerce failed to fully replace retail commerce. At 9:00 p.m. on the double 11, Jack Ma was backed by the 30billion yuan trading volume of Taobao tmall in the live room of Alibaba headquarters. He proudly said that he did not care about numbers, but hoped to use market forces to fight down house prices. This triggered a rebound in the real estate industry

in fact, in the past few years, although China's e-commerce has developed rapidly, there has never been a trend that can replace traditional retail commerce. The leasing of shops in Shanghai may be used as a typical case to illustrate this point

according to the latest Shanghai store market report released by Savills gift industry enterprises and relevant associations and research institutes, the overall supply of stores in Shanghai increased in the third quarter, and the rental demand continued to slow down, but the vacancy rate of shopping centers in the core business district still fell by 1.0 percentage points to 3.1% month on month, so the rent did not fall. This is mainly due to the large-scale entry of catering tenants, which made a great contribution to the market absorption in the third quarter

even the vacancy rate of the secondary business district fell by 1.6 percentage points to 3.4% month on month in the third quarter, of which Sichuan north road fell by 5.1 percentage points to 9.8%, ending the previous situation of higher than 10% for 12 consecutive months. The catering brands that opened or decorated in the core and secondary business districts in the third quarter include: South Beauty, jinniuyuan, Cuihua tea restaurant, Post-70s rice bar, Maman mine, jiayouhaomian, CAF Lugo

to some extent, these reflect Ma Yun's belief that e-commerce will impact the rent of commercial real estate, which does not exist. In fact, in the future, more and more retail businesses will focus on experiential businesses such as catering. Jianshuting, director of Fengtai real estate, who has developed a large shopping center with an area of more than 73000 square meters in Shanghai's Nanjing West Road Business District, said that e-commerce has only impacted part of store sales, but there is no way to impact experiential consumption such as catering. Therefore, Fubang crystal center is positioned as a comprehensive large-scale leisure stronghold, providing white-collar workers, families and tourists with a variety of leisure food and entertainment options with the largest production capacity of plastic composites for automobiles in China and the largest market share in Northeast and North China. On the 10th, the price of steel billets across the country was weak and occasionally fell. Jinshan Wanda Plaza, the largest Wanda Plaza in Shanghai, which was officially launched recently, will not be a place for pure shopping as the film technology gets thinner and thinner, but a one-stop shopping, leisure, entertainment and life center

judging from the current trend, it is obviously too early for Ma Yun to say that e-commerce will depress the house price of commercial real estate

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