The utilization rate of the hottest UAV in rural a

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The utilization rate of drones in rural areas has increased

in fact, consumption classification is the biggest trend in China in the next five years. Chen Liang, President of ant financial group, said at the product launch of a drone enterprise

Chen Liang said in his speech that when you see the howling consumption degradation in your circle of friends today, there is a very large market in China where consumption is upgrading. First and second tier cities are limited in terms of consumption power and other aspects. However, the vast third, fourth and fifth tier or rural areas are promoting a wave of consumption upgrading, and the gap between their expenditure level and the first and second tier cities is narrowing. This is the performance of consumption classification

with urbanization, infrastructure construction, mobile payment and the promotion of new technologies, many changes are taking place, and the rural route of unmanned aerial vehicles is becoming wider and wider

the plant protection UAV market of more than 100 billion

is uploading the route and starting in 5 seconds. Please stay away from the operation area and start the operation. With the voice broadcast of the handheld terminal, the plant protection UAV buzzes and flies off the ground into the rice field for flight prevention operations. Wang Xin, who is engaged in plant protection and air defense services in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province, said: the recognition of plant protection UAVs in rural areas is getting higher and higher. With the regulation of rice prices and the rise of wages and materials of employees, farmers will not only think about farming to earn money as before, but will reduce costs and increase income with the help of plant protection drones. On the other hand, young people like us don't have to face the Loess and back to the sky to work in the fields, or go to the city to work. There is also a place for us in the countryside

among the application fields of unmanned aerial vehicles, agricultural plant protection is regarded as the largest field. According to the data disclosed by the Ministry of agriculture, at present, the number of domestic plant protection UAVs has reached 30000, and the total operation area of air defense has exceeded 300million Mu times. China has become the country with the largest number of agricultural plant protection machines in the world

in the cultivation of plant protection fliers, Jifei college has about 110000 registered students and issued more than 28000 certificates; Dajiang huifei has issued 14000 professional qualification certificates for plant protection in total; Plant protection fliers are also known as new jobs in new industries

however, the operating area of domestic plant protection UAVs accounts for less than 5%. Relevant data show that in Japan, the country with the most mature application of agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles in the world, unmanned aerial vehicles account for more than 50% of the total area of pesticide application; The United States also has 65% of the chemical industry. South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are the four countries with the largest demand in the flexible packaging market in the Middle East and Africa at present. Pesticides are sprayed by radio, and 100% of rice pesticide spraying is by air

According to the forecast data released by IDC (International Data Corporation), by 2023, the sales scale of agricultural plant protection hardware in China will be 16billion yuan, while the scale of agricultural plant protection service market will reach 48.5 billion yuan. In addition to aerial pesticide control, unmanned aerial vehicles have many uses in agriculture, including the survey and evaluation of pests and diseases and forest fire survey. Coupled with greater post service market space, this figure is likely to reach the level of 100 billion yuan

Rural big data and mapping UAVs are closely combined.

in a UAV questionnaire at the 17th village leaders' forum, the statistical results show that in addition to aerial photography and plant protection, which are mostly difficult or impossible with the existing injection molding technology, the application most concerned by village leaders and village officials is surveying and mapping, and 53% of the representatives are concerned about surveying and mapping

Wang Xin said that in Heilongjiang, they used Jifei's C2000 to confirm the land rights of farmers. He showed Yuchen the farmland data map they drew for farmers this year. In these figures, the number of mu, boundary and total mu of farmland in each grid are clearly visible and clear at a glance

the farmland map taken by Wang Xin using UAV is most useful for forming a large map of the whole local area. According to him, these data can be used in the development and construction of farmland water conservancy and land planning

on the basis of plant protection and air defense, we have carried out land surveying and mapping and right confirmation, but we didn't expect that the work of Surveying and mapping and right confirmation was carried out so smoothly. In fact, this is in line with the demand of accelerating the confirmation and certification of contracted land since the 18th CPC National Congress

mapping every grid field of farmers not only promotes the confirmation of rights, but also allows farmers to have a basis when using fertilizers and pesticides. Wang Xin introduced that through the mapping UAV Integrating Geographic Information and artificial intelligence, the basic data of farmland, property rights data and pest data were obtained; Through the analysis of long-term big data, the output of farmers can be accurately predicted

rural logistics UAV: from small shops at the entrance of the village to UAV distribution

in addition to UAV plant protection and land ownership, logistics distribution has also become a kind of scene for UAVs to enter the countryside. These additives can strengthen materials and enhance degradability. UAVs are mainly to solve the logistics problem of the last kilometer in the countryside. According to media reports, SF logistics and JD logistics of the pioneer camp first began to try UAVs. In June, SF was successfully approved to test fly in Nankang District of Zhangzhou city; also obtained the test flight authority in Xi'an. By the end of October, had completed more than 13000 normalized flights in the northwest, setting a record of flying more than 76000 kilometers with zero errors

at the Zhuhai Air Show in October, SF said that this year, SF had begun to use drones to distribute hairy crabs in Yangcheng Lake area

In 1982

other e-commerce and logistics enterprises such as Alibaba, Suning and Zhongtong also stepped up their efforts to deploy drones for distribution. Big brother China post is no exception. According to relevant media reports, the amphibious UAV test flight of China Post has been successful, and the UAV distribution line has been operated nationwide

with the progress of technology, the application of unmanned aerial vehicles in rural areas has gradually expanded. However, the application of UAV in rural areas at home and abroad focuses on agricultural plant protection, and other applications are in the initial stage. It can be predicted that in the future, with the improvement of the purchasing power of the rural market, the application of unmanned aerial vehicles in rural areas is bound to extend to a deeper level

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