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The environmental protection and utilization of waste plastic bottles make greater contributions to the industrial development and progress of the company value

in daily life, plastic bottles containing mineral water and beverages are often discarded as waste, causing waste and environmental pollution. In fact, these humble waste plastic bottles can be of great use in our life

JIANG Peng, from the environmental science and Technology Institute of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, introduced that there was once a collective dormitory. The toilet water tank built in fashion had a large capacity and could not be adjusted. In order to avoid changing the extensive plastic granulator into a combined, intelligent plastic granulator, and affecting the normal rest of shift employees, the people in this dormitory began to use their brains on how to save water. Put the waste plastic bottles filled with water in the toilet water tank, so as to reduce the volume of the toilet water tank, reduce the water consumption each time, and save water resources

in addition to putting mineral water bottles in the water tank of the toilet to save water, Jiang Peng also introduced several reuse methods of using mineral water bottles. For example, make a funnel: cut the mineral water bottle shoulder length, open the lid, and the upper half is a simple funnel; Hanger cover: cut off the bottom of two mineral water bottles and put them on both ends of the hanger respectively, so that when drying heavy clothes, you can stretch all your shoulders, and wet clothes not only dry faster, but also prevent wrinkles; Make umbrella cover: take two mineral water bottles, one with the bottom cut off and the other with the mouth cut off. Use the bottom cut bottle to cover the mouth cut bottle to make an umbrella cover. Put the rolled umbrella in the bottle, and the residual rainwater on the umbrella can be poured out through the mouth of the bottle; It adopts reinforced thermoplastics and ultra-fine magnetic particle material boxes: take 6 or 8 mineral water bottles, cut them at the height of 1/3 of the bottle body, take their bottom, and then arrange them neatly in a small box (or bind them with silk thread and transparent glue), so as to make a seasoning box

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