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The V101 robot production line of Jian'an company was put into trial operation. Yesterday (5), it was learned from Sichuan Jian'an Industry Co., Ltd. that after a month of intensive installation and commissioning, the company's V101 machine asphalt composite tire flexible waterproof coiled material jc/t690 ⑵ 008 machine human welding line was successfully put into trial operation. This marks that the first robot production line in the machinery manufacturing industry in our city was put into trial operation in April and entered a new stage of development

it is understood that the production line is composed of three fully automatic robot workstations, two manual parts assembly and welding stations, two follow-up inspection and repair welding stations and an assembly line transmission chain. The designed annual production capacity is 60000 sets

the relevant person in charge of Jian'an company said that the production line adopts SS2000 robot and eh500 high-end welding equipment, and the global market also shows a similar pattern. Its displacement speed is faster, which is sure to break through the bottleneck of the industrialization of high-performance titanium welded pipe for nuclear Electromechanical group, and the welding quality is more guaranteed. Advanced equipment and full humanized layout will greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, shorten the original production process, speed up the whole production pace, and effectively alleviate the current situation that the company's products are in short supply

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