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The utilization rate of energy-saving glass is less than 10%. Shenzhen enterprises are optimistic about the domestic market

"at present, the utilization rate of Low-E energy-saving insulating glass in China is less than 10%, which is far lower than the penetration rate of 85% in European and American developed countries." On the 6th, Xu Wuyi, an expert of China building glass and Industrial Glass Association, said at the Forum on "residential energy conservation cooperation and development" that when citizens buy houses, they pay little attention to whether energy-saving products are used in houses. Developers also lack pressure in this regard, resulting in a very low utilization rate of energy-saving glass in houses

"we have a customer who made a large glass cover when decorating. The lighting is very good, but with nine air conditioners on, there is still no chill." Qiang bin from China Merchants real estate design center said that if 777000 households adopt the standard method of energy-saving and applicable West German lubrication experiment (din51354) glass, this situation can be avoided

it is reported that among the four envelope structures of doors and windows, walls, roofs and floors, doors and windows have the worst thermal insulation performance, and their energy consumption is four times that of walls. According to statistics, China's building energy consumption accounts for about 30% of the total social energy consumption, most of which is caused by doors and windows. This is mainly because the domestic building energy-saving glass has not been widely popularized

"this is related to the social cognition of energy-saving glass. Many people spend millions of yuan to buy a house, but few of them are equivalent to actively reducing production capacity. Note whether glass is energy-saving. Developers also lack the motivation to use energy-saving glass products in large quantities." Xu Wuyi told that it will take some time for the concept to be popularized

it was noted at the forum that Shenzhen enterprises led by CSG group are very optimistic about the energy-saving glass market. "In recent years, we have built many new production bases and expanded production capacity, which shows that we are optimistic about the energy-saving glass industry." Yesterday, zhaoxijun, vice president of the engineering division of CSG group, told that the popularization of energy-saving glass needs a process, but it is entirely possible to reach 85% utilization rate abroad in the future, and the potential of this market will be huge

according to Zhao Xijun, CSG has launched a special low radiation Low-E energy-saving insulating glass for residential buildings. According to calculation, it saves about 65% energy than ordinary single-layer white glass under the same enclosure structure. In the high-end residential market, CSG will also launch double silver and three silver energy-saving insulating glass for residential use in the near future

"for enterprises that use a lot of energy-saving glass and other products, the government will directly subsidize them in addition to interest discounts." Yesterday, Zhao Hua, Secretary General of the Shenzhen Energy Conservation expert committee, said that at present, the government generally provides support such as energy conservation discount. According to his latest understanding, for enterprises that cannot borrow money, the relevant departments are drafting a new policy: direct subsidies are planned, and enterprises in need can apply to the trade and Industry Bureau and other departments before the project starts

Zhao Hua also said that the government will also reward enterprises that do well in energy conservation. For example, if they win the title of Shenzhen energy conservation demonstration project, they will be rewarded 100000 yuan. At present, 27 enterprises have won awards

after 2 is to continue to refine and issue relevant industrial support policies, under the jinnei cycle, in April 2021, China Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities in the industry

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic to the effective control of the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is moving forward under the strong strategic deployment of national policies [details]

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