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The United States has launched a "232 investigation" on vanadium imports

Sinochem news. U.S. Commerce Secretary Ross announced on the 2nd that the U.S. Department of Commerce will launch a "232 investigation" on whether the quantity and status of rare metal vanadium imports harm U.S. national security

the U.S. Department of Commerce said that the investigation was initiated on the basis of a complaint filed by the U.S. domestic manufacturer AMG vanadium and the U.S. vanadium company. They claim that the domestic industry in the United States has been adversely affected by "unfairly low-cost imports" of goods and the limited export market caused by the value-added tax system of other vanadium producing countries

according to the US Department of Commerce, the import of waste paper decreased by 34% in 2018, vanadium is used to produce metal alloys and is also a chemical catalyst for aerospace, defense, energy, infrastructure and other industries. As a strategic key material, vanadium is widely used in national defense and key infrastructure fields, including aircraft engine manufacturing, ballistic missiles, energy storage, bridges, buildings and pipeline construction

according to section 232 of the trade expansion act of 1962, the U.S. Department of Commerce has the right to initiate an investigation into whether imported products harm U.S. national security. Previously, the U.S. government launched the "232 downstream investigation of the petrochemical industry" on imported steel and aluminum products, automobiles and spare parts, uranium ore, sponge titanium, mobile cranes, etc., which was widely opposed by the domestic and international community

the development of new products and the implementation of new technologies have accelerated. Many American trade experts believe that the frequent use of "232 investigation", an outdated unilateralist trade protection tool, by the United States has seriously disrupted the international trade order and violated the rules of the world trade organization

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