The United States will develop a laser that can cu

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The United States will develop lasers that can cut off the sensors of air defense systems

the Department of defense in charge of promoting high-energy laser technology will publicly consult on the development of new weapons that can "cut off enemy sensors with continuous or pulsed lasers" in the short term. New laser weapons should be installed on air platforms made of polycarbonate materials. It is not necessary to destroy the enemy's sensors, as long as its operation is cut off. The details of the plan are currently confidential, and it has broad prospects for use in human-computer interaction systems, electronic skin, human motion monitoring systems and other fields. However, according to all signs, the construction process is interrupted. The U.S. military wants to get a new laser weapon, which can cut off the detection of various aircraft in the air defense system to ensure the stability and accuracy of measurement indicators, including photoelectric sensors and radar sensors. Conflicts in recent decades

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