The United States will increase diesel exports in

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In 2014, the United States will increase the export of diesel oil

in 2014, the United States will increase the export of diesel oil

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[China paint information] BASF tinuvin? Xt100 plastic additive in the United States was recently used for low density polyethylene (LDPE) by Yuxi Chaoyang plastic Co., Ltd., a leading greenhouse film manufacturer in China Production of greenhouse film products world petroleum refining business digest Weekly reported that the export volume of oil products with various colors such as American brown in November 2013 was 3.6 million barrels/day, reaching the highest level in 2013. The increase in exports is mainly related to the decline in gasoline demand in the United States. In 2014, the demand for gasoline in the United States was 437 million tons, a decrease of 15million tons over the previous year. The United States needs to take more measures to further expand its export market share

the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) believes that the demand for oil products in other parts of the world is still strong. In response to the decline in domestic gasoline demand, American refineries mostly increase diesel oil to ensure the normal operation of refineries. In 2013, the average profit of medium distillate oil (including diesel and jet fuel) in the United States was about $16/barrel, and the profit of gasoline was less than $6/barrel. Therefore, American refiners are trying to increase diesel production

North American light crude oil is rich in natural gas condensate and condensate. Although gasoline production can be increased, crude oil rich in light distillates will affect all kinds of reaction towers in conventional refineries. Therefore, some companies are investing in crude oil pre separation facilities to separate a large number of light hydrocarbons. Marathon petroleum is improving its crude oil pre separation capacity of 3.9 million tons/year at the Canton refinery in Ohio, USA, increasing its fractionation capacity from 500000 tons/year to 1.25 million tons/year. The company also built an additional 1.75 million ton/year crude oil pre separation unit for its 11.65 million ton/year cattletsburg refinery in Kentucky. Due to the rising demand for light oil in Asia, the company will benefit from this upgrading. In addition, marathon oil company also strives to increase diesel production for the export of medium distillate oil. In addition to the 24.5 million ton/year export refinery in garyville, Louisiana, the United States, which will also greatly increase the proportion of exports to emerging countries, in order to expand oil exports, the company also acquired a 2005 million ton/year refinery in Texas City of BP. The company will increase the export volume of oil products from the current 12.25 million tons/year to 13.75 million tons/year in the short term

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