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The United States will hold a grand label exhibition in September. August 2, 2006 - in the golden September, Chicago will usher in another grand event in the label industry - the 2006 label exhibition. The following is a detailed introduction to the exhibition:

time: September 11-14, 2006

country: United States

City: Chicago

<1. General regulations: P> Venue: Donald e Stephen Convention Center

address: 5555 North River Road

2006 label exhibition is the largest label exhibition in the United States this year. The departments involved in this exhibition will include labels, decorative products, plate printing and post press processing

exhibitors will exhibit customer solutions at this exhibition to help promote the development of enterprise label trade. Here are the advantages of this exhibition:

1. You can see more machines for on-site display. More than 450 exhibitors display the latest machinery and materials

2. Exhibitors will show how to reduce production costs, improve productivity and adopt new technologies. Today's cement-based polyurethane molding shaft insulation materials are technically on the market solutions (measuring various changes in mechanical properties of materials, such as RFID smart tags)

3. More than 20 meetings were held at the same time, so as to understand the important impact of the global label development trend

4. We can exchange experience face to face with important suppliers and brand owners and establish partnership

source: Zhonghua printing and packaging

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