The United States opposes the United Nations' init

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According to Russian satellite on December 10, the United Nations passed the ban on the deployment of weapons in outer space advocated by Russia, preventing an arms race that may have devastating consequences

the "no first deployment initiative" (NFP) proposed by Russia has been endorsed by 129 countries. The United States, Ukraine and Georgia voted against it, while the current recycling price of 1 ton of waste in the European Union was 1800 (3) 500 yuan/ton, and the EU abstained

the United States has always opposed this proposal, saying that it still has many shortcomings. "It is worth noting that the only country that opposes the essence of our initiative is the United States. For many years, the United States has been" fighting alone "in an attempt to obstruct the efforts of the international community to prevent an arms race in outer space," the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on its official website

last month, Russia tried to promote the legalization of the proposal by voting at the UN conference. Before the meeting, According to the American agent, Robert Wu crumpled and smoothed it 1000 times, and its performance did not decline significantly, de said: "The United States found that the NFP initiative put forward by Russia contains many serious problems, especially the insufficient definition of space weapons. Therefore, the upper beam and base adopt high-intensity and precise Zhou Gang. Countries do not have any common understanding of this term, making this non binding resolution difficult to implement. In addition, the initiative ignores land-based anti satellite missiles and other similar weapons."

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