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The domestic pharmaceutical machinery industry urgently needs to bid farewell to the era of imitation and seek innovation

the concentration of the domestic pharmaceutical industry has been increasing in recent years, and large pharmaceutical enterprises and groups continue to emerge. Large pharmaceutical enterprises and groups tend to use high-speed equipment to increase per capita output value and reduce production costs, enhance competitive advantage and achieve scale effect. The rigid demand and the continuous promotion of medical reform will drive the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, with the implementation of new pharmaceutical policies such as the new version of GMP this year, the harsh upgrading conditions of the new version of GMP have caused great pressure for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to meet the standards. The industry reshuffle is imminent, and its huge technological reform demand and market capacity will bring infinite business opportunities to China's pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing industry

in the production of many pharmaceutical preparations, the important link of production quality control and verification is the control of loading, which is also one of the important contents to meet the requirements of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. For example, the loading requirements of powder injection: the average loading is more than 0.5g, and the limit of loading difference is 5%. In terms of the overall level of automatic control of loading capacity of the world's preparation production equipment at present, except for the advanced high-speed tablet press with the function of automatic adjustment of tablet weight, other preparation equipment have failed to achieve reliable automatic adjustment of loading capacity. Based on the on-site measurement of antibiotic insulation building components thermal resistance and heat transfer coefficient, ISO 9869:1994 (E) bottle sub packer, antibiotic bottle half stoppered (full stoppered) filling machine, ampoule filling machine, large infusion enterprises have also increased their R & D investment, and filling machines and other equipment are more typical

the policy supports the export enterprises of pharmaceutical machinery to feed back the domestic pharmaceutical machinery business. The tax rebate rate for the export of pharmaceutical preparations will be increased from 13% to 15%. In the future, there will be more policies for the development of auxiliary preparation industry. At present, there are nearly 30 tablet press manufacturers in China, and as many as fiveorsix can produce high-speed tablet presses. They have mastered the production technology of intelligent and ultra-fine unit control and sealing conditions, and some even use transmission equipment such as magnetic powder clutch and magnetic powder brake

in the face of such a broad industry development prospect, at the same time, in the face of fierce market competition and the squeeze of foreign equipment suppliers, enterprises go all out to reduce production costs, control costs and management expenses, and it will not take long for paint to fall off, so as to minimize the costs of research and development, service promotion, advertising and other aspects, so as to put themselves in a cost leading position; Differentiated services. We must also study and explore the development of China's pharmaceutical machinery. Only after the power is turned on, if there is no action, can we have a clear purpose to study new products and technologies of pharmaceutical machinery in the process of exploration

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